Van Isle Poly

Vancouver Island polyamory social & discussion group

Online Events

Due to Covid-19 Pandemic health restrictions, official in real life events are not being organized.

First Saturday of each month - Virtual Poly House Party - at The Pub, Van Isle Poly Discord channel. - invitation link see Van Isle Poly Facebook group.

Polyamory Canada - has a Discord chat - See Facebook group for details.

Nanaimo Poly 101 has a Zoom check in.   Many local groups do. See Facebook for local group details.

PolyCon- Canada   2020  24 hr live stream event from sundown Nov 22 to sundown Nov 23, 2020 (PST). Honouring Intersectionality and Diversity in our Communities. Live streamed hosting, interactive chat and video segments. Broadcast will be available on YouTube and Twitch 24 hrs after the event.

WANTED - Video clips 5 to 15 min long. Exploring diversity in the polyamory communities across Canada (and globally) and where polyamory intersects with other aspects of individual and community experiences.
Presentations, workshop in a nutshell, music performances, author readings...etc. These are meant to be fodder for discussion, not the whole workshop experience and not interactive in and of themselves. These will be broadcast within a live stream event. Comments and discussion will occur about each piece directly after in the live stream and the chat sections. We reserve the right to edit to fit broadcast time and use brief segments and stills in our event promotions. We have to comply with copyright legislation and music clips will require single use performance waivers. Proposals by August 31, 2020 should include summary of topic and length of video. A dropbox logon will be given to you if accepted.

WANTED - Live Streamer hosts. We are looking for live streamers from across Canada (and globally) to collab on a 24 hour broadcast. We will upload recorded segments and have live discussion as well as chat capability. Streamer hosts need to be able to use Twitch, Youtube, Facebook Live or Skype and commit to being present live for a specific scheduled period of time. Part of the streamer's hosting tasks will be to read and interact with the chat comments on your own feed. This will boost your viewership and ours. Polyamory-friendly mindset is required. by August 31, 2020 and we'll correspond about logistics.

ALSO - Wanted anyone interested in helping to organize and market this event please contact