"Polyamory is "loving many" also known as non-monogamy and is the philosophy and practice of having simultaneous loving relationships with other adults with the knowledge and consent of all."



Be Informed about a court case that impacts your right to live with your loving partners!!!!

The BC Supreme Court reference case concerning s293 of the Criminal Code of Canada (the polygamy law)
decision by Chief Justice Bauman'clarified that this law is not concerned with common law conjugal unions but only those where a ceremony or rite has sanctioned the relationship of three or more persons of either gender in a marriage like cohabitation.  The jury is still out on whether "most" polyamorous households are now confirmed to be legal by virtue of not being illegal under this law or if "most" polyamorous households are now refused even the option of a mock wedding to celebrate their commitments.   

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Events, Information & Resources: Victoria, BC and Vancouver Island!

Our area has one of the most active community of people who embrace the philosophy of polyamory in North America!

Van Isle Poly formed in 2000 to be followed in recent years by Victoria Poly 101, the Poly Women's Group, Poly 101 on Campusand most recently Nanaimo Poly 101 and Poly Blend.  Van Isle Poly began as a yahoo group that advertised in the local arts paper (Monday Magazine) and met once or twice a month in a restaurant or someone's home with sporadic meetings in both Nanaimo and Courtney.  It continues to support an organized family friendly camping weekend currently called Poly All Ages Camp BC and retreat weekends for the camping challenged. We now have discussion meetings, support meetings, social meetings, advocacy meetings, planning meetings, potlucks, pub nights, bowling nights, movies nights, beach visits, road trips, workshops, craft groups, writing groups, camping  and so much more happening in our community.  Most of these groups are now on Facebook - just search "poly" to find them.

It begins with one person who embraces a philosophy of unlimited love and dares to stand up to meet with those who would share that philosophy, often sitting alone in coffee shops waiting for the curious to become the brave.  It depends on that one person having a circle of support to feed their enthusiasm and overcome the weirdness of being more and more public as he/she greets people and becomes known as one of the community leadership faces.  It blossoms as those few voices are joined by others forming a choir that speak out for the right to love whom we please as adults and be happy. 

We, the founders of Van Isle Poly, are proud to have been party to the wonderful beginnings of a community of terrific people.  Catch an event of any of the groups and be assured that you will find yourself in friendly company and very welcome.

Whether you are new to the idea of polyamory or an old pro at the etiquette of poly dating, we are sure that you'll find something of interest here amongst the articles and information that we will post as we expand this website.  Bookmark us and come back periodically to check on our progress.